SHARE:UK is an umbrella body for sharing and repairing via Libraries of Things in the UK.

In September 2020 the Climate Assembly report to the UK government recommended that people should repair goods and share more, instead of owning all their appliances.

This is exactly what Libraries of Things facilitate.

Our aim is for people in all communities up and down the country to have access to a Library of Things.

This will not only save people money, save them space in their own homes and help fight climate change but it could also revitalise our high streets.

SHARE:UK have developed a template business model with procedures and systems that will facilitate the birth of new Libraries of Things and help them ensure they remain financially sustainable.

There are already a handful of Libraries of Things in existence in the UK, all proving a valuable resource in their area by not only saving people money and space in their own homes, but also by reducing material and manufacturing waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cultivating resilient communities.

When every town has a Library of Things the impact will be massive.

Take the impact recorded by SHARE:Frome alone, in one year between 2019 and 2020: It avoided 199 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions, 254 tonnes of raw material use, 22 tonnes of manufacturing waste whilst saving its users £144,956 by borrowing items instead of buying them.

The time is now to take sharing mainstream.

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